Calling Home – Building Bridges to the Afterlife – ITC EVP Journal

Welcome to Calling Home – a journal of communication with a spirit team in the afterlife.

I’m an ITC researcher from England. ITC stands for Instrumental Trans communication. This is a process of communication with other dimensions – including the afterlife – using modern electronic equipment. The result is audio – EVP, or electronic voice phenomena/phenomenon – and visual ITC (video or still images).

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A Profound Message From Another Dimension

Below are three EVP, part of a conversation about souls that sometimes interfere with our communication.

“Monty said ‘not in heaven’ – who were you referring to please Monty?”
“(I love Nicki a lot)… The others”

“Is there anything we can do to help them please?” (referring to ‘the others’)
“They’re comfy, so that’s the (their?) light Nicki”

“Which does mean that we cannot help them, because they do not want our help, because they are in ‘their’ light – is that correct please?”
“It is”

This means we all gravitate to our own light where we are the most comfortable, with the people that we are the most comfortable with.