I asked my friend Mark Macy to start a debate about whether it’s good for us to know, on a global scale, what some ITC practitioners have known for years – that we have a soul and the soul continues after bodily death. He gets far more visitors to his blog than I do here, so here is the link https://macyafterlife.com/2017/04/20/should-humanity-really-know-about-the-real-afterlife-a-debate/

Here is my first post – please participate:

Thanks for starting this off Mark. I expect this could open a can of worms.

Obviously it isn’t a terrible idea, because the ITC is being allowed.

However, the things I have read and the observations I make about our world leads me to believe that absolute knowledge of our soul journey would make very little difference at best, and give us hell on earth at worst.

People born into difficult or terrible situations with knowledge of the continuing journey will mostly opt out. I think we would see more suicides and more mercy killings, simply to press the reset button and have another go.

In fact there may as well be no such thing as Earth as a school if we know its secret use. If everything is more splendid on the other side, why would we voluntarily go to what would be hellish in comparison? I understand that because of these differences, lessons are learned quicker on Earth. But what is the rush if we have all eternity? Where are we going? Is our final destination god? And if so, what do we do when we get there? Is it all over at that point? Are we finally dead?

I understand there is no hell, other than what we make. By this I mean that all people live in a heaven of their own. The evil gravitate to the evil, the good to the good. So even the evil live in heaven where I suppose they are free to out-evil each other, with their victims being each other, or people here on Earth. In short there are no consequences such as an eternity burning in hell. Would we see more killers come to fruition that are otherwise held back by the belief in eternal damnation?

I don’t know where we are going with ITC, but I think humanity may be better off not knowing, which is why it is perhaps only taken seriously by a comparative handful of people who use it to alleviate some pain. Perhaps we aren’t supposed to know on a mass scale.

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Degen 1103 Shortwave Radio
Shortwave radio for receiving direct radio voice (DRV)

I have very half-heartedly tried direct radio voice (DRV) in the past. I have a CD player with a radio that I’ve left on white noise for a while. However after x number of minutes the device would intelligently decide it has been left on by accident and snap off. I bought some old radios on eBay but couldn’t get them working.

So after watching a few YouTube videos I was inspired to write to my colleague Lance from EVP Contact (see links on right) and ask his advice about which radio. A few hours (minutes) later and I have a Degen 1103 winging its way to me.

Tonight I was watching Kevin Hime’s latest creation on his YouTube channel. He ran a video feedback loop earlier today and captured a few good images, particularly of landscapes. Here it is


Sonia Rinaldi is a respected name in the area of instrumental transcommunication. I found her site again tonight while flipping through YouTube. Her audio captures are incredible. Not so much electronic voice phenomenon as a telephone direct to the afterlife. But what caught my attention tonight is her captures of visual ITC. Very clear images (considering how ‘far’ they have to come), of spirits. Most of them unclaimed, though I think it is likely that because Sonia Rinaldi is Brazilian (I think) then she will attract Brazilian spirits. It’s worth taking a look. Just look at what we can produce with a clean connection between us. http://www.ipati.org/dados.html


I had waited two months for the Netflix movie ‘The Discovery’ to be aired. It was released on Friday and it is dire. If you are hoping to find a film with beautiful cinematography with richly imagined afterlife landscapes, forget it. If you’re hoping for some eloquently laid out theories about what happens to us when we die, you can forget that too.

The best they can come up with is that the afterlife is just a second chance at this existence, putting right mistakes made and repeating the life until it’s perfect. How like humans to think it’s all about them and their desires and regrets.

Here is the official trailer. It looks better than it is.

I was just watching an old Unsolved Mysteries about the Roswell ‘Incident’. Lots of camera shots of the sky.

We can (and we have) developed telescopes that can see light years away. As far as seeking other life, it’s been a waste of time and money and like expecting to see our dead relatives sitting on a cloud drifting past our window.

I think we have seen the majority of what we can expect to see with magnifying instruments. If only more (any) time were spent developing instruments to study different dimensions. Instead of looking straight ahead for an unfeasibly long distance, we looked just a millimetre to the left, right, up, down or behind into another dimension.

The visitors we occasionally get from other places aren’t just visiting our planet. They’re visiting our dimension, I think, the same as our deceased loved ones.