Calling Home – Building Bridges to the Afterlife – ITC EVP Journal

Afterlife, life after death

A warm welcome to Calling Home – a journal of communication with my team in the afterlife, and afterlife research.

I’m an ITC researcher from England. ITC stands for Instrumental Trans communication. This is a process of communication with other dimensions – including the afterlife – using modern electronic equipment. The result is audio – EVP, or electronic voice phenomena/phenomenon – and visual ITC (video or still images).

Top right you will find archives. I stopped publishing everyday contact in June of 2017 because there are hundreds of audio clips here already. Please visit the archives to listen to our communication (and see the ‘how to listen‘ page first if you need to) for the first 16 months of our work. If you can’t play the clips directly from the archives pages, please visit pages individually by clicking on their title from the archives page.

There’s plenty of reading material – from a description of arrival in the Afterlife (see new maps of heaven), to information about ITC pioneers.

Please feel free to contact me using the contact link above, or post comments on my blog pages.