Afterlife (After Death) Communication – “On the Streets of London” EVP

Listening back to the recordings for today, a month later, I can hear the signal is pretty appalling and the responses are limited. However the mystery of the ‘burn on’ started today. I heard the following during my ‘London’ repetition question.

“Don’t stop”
“On the streets of London”

I was delighted to get this and cheered by the obvious humour of my communicators. However over the days following, this voice and this phrase popped up time and time again, usually in the most inappropriate places. Never a change in tone, ‘signal’ or volume (this one has been enhanced to make it better heard). Listening to the very early recordings today I was able to clearly hear this phrase repeatedly. But as a brand new experimenter I didn’t hear it till it was uttered in context and I was listening for ‘London’.

The obvious argument is that it’s an unhappy coincidence of sounds occurring on the sound file. However, listening back, the phrase was repeated over and over again. It’s unlikely that the unhappy coincidences happen one after the other after the other.

So what then? Over the course of the next month, I would experience what I call ‘the burn on’. These are words or phrases that have been used by the communicators that remain on the sound file and pop up during later recordings. I believe this phrase was the first of the ‘burnt on’ phrases on my file. The ‘burn on’ has become a bit of a pain in the neck but cannot be helped. It also causes irritation with the other side. Later you will hear Monty’s disgust at the corruption of his name caused by the ‘burn on’.

Republished on 14th May 2017