Konstantin Raudive Drops In EVP

I nearly fell asleep during our testing sessions this morning. I fought the tiredness for an hour before giving up. During that hour I felt contact was tantalisingly close – that they were there but I just couldn’t hear them speaking to me. In the end the tiredness got the better of me. I had got a couple of audio clips but they didn’t make any sense.

Strange. As soon as I stopped trying to contact the team, I stopped feeling tired and didn’t need a nap!
I tried again late in the afternoon with surprising results…

“Konstantin Raudive”. I was amazed and thrilled. Unfortunately the signal is only as average as it’s ever been and I couldn’t perceive responses from Dr. Raudive to my question about whether I had accidentally ‘tuned in’ to Timestream or whether he had come to the team. But I did get this when I asked why he was there..

“This is Konstantin – you are……” Unfortunately a burn on bellowed, drowning the remainder of the sentence. So I have no idea what I am. Silly? Doing it all wrong? The spawn of an angry camel?

“Today, we bring children”



  1. Very clear Nicola.

  2. Nicola, that first one definitely sounds like Konstantin Raudive as it came through phones and radios since his death. Excellent! Mark

    1. Author

      Thanks for dropping by, Mark. I thought you might like that one! I was flabbergasted to get it, as I was expecting ‘my’ contact, Monty to give me his name. He calls me ‘Neecola’. 🙂

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