More Spirit Children After Death Communication

I think we have more spirit children communicating today.

At this stage, the children don’t sound like themselves. There are few, limited adult voices used at this time in our communication (added June 2017: this expands over time) therefore you will hear childish sentiments said in adult voices.

“Calm down now” “No – I can’t!”. This sounds like our lead communicator talking to a child who is over-excitable.

“Fighting. We hear it with children.”. An aside about the child’s over-enthusiasm.

“Peter”. Randomly mentioned.

“(This or Chris) Holland’s family (background)”. Another random occurrence. I’m not at all sure I’ve got it right but have included it in case the communicator’s family happen to drop by.

“No. I want to be happy”. Again, this sounds like something a child would say.

“Daddy, I love you (it’s your boy)”. This is difficult to hear but I’ve included it, again, because Daddy might drop by. Please remember to disregard the voice at this time and listen to the message.