Hearing from Children: Brandon and Carl Drop In – Afterlife EVP

I had a short chat with the team yesterday afternoon that I didn’t get round to posting. Not that there was much to say – the connection was terrible and I kept mishearing things as is pointed out below…

“Silly! I didn’t say a thing!”.

Added a year later: Over the course of the next year it became apparent that I was not only able to hear my team, but anybody else who cared to stop by. My team couldn’t hear them, and as I was unaware of all the cross-connections that can be made and the influences that can come into play, I always assumed it was the team speaking. This ended in disaster for me a few weeks later and I had to pull the EVP off line while I started to understand what had happened and why.

But going onto the present. I had been listening to some video clips made by fellow ITC researcher Lance, just before I started today’s recordings.

“Thank you Lance.”. Well wasn’t that weird! I told them I hoped they knew I’m not Lance!!

“I am Montague, Monty. That’s me!”

During our recording I could hear a lot of laughter, extra voices and a female voice. I could hear a team member trying to calm a Carl..

“Calm down Carl”.

“Calm down Carl – not yet!”

“It was null”. O.o Talk about making me feel like I’m 104! I had to look that up because repeatedly playing it didn’t uncover any word other than ‘null’. Apparently it’s slang. Although it retains its meaning. This was said by someone who had introduced himself as Brandon just before. The EVP isn’t clear enough to post, but Brandon is certainly what it sounded like.

“Why d’you keep referring to what is (going on around me)”.

I had asked the team who the lady was I kept hearing. I don’t know if the reply was a rebuke or a genuine interest in what I could hear.

“Well advised, Nicola”. So following on from the wordy message above, I asked for confirmation. I think this was meant to confirm I had correctly interpreted it.

“Nicki – eat”. I’d been sat here wanting a sandwich for about an hour but was too engrossed in our conversation to do anything.

“Wind it up, Nicola”. This was getting right towards the end of our recording session.

“Keep well, m’dear”. Ahh bless him. XOXO


  1. Beautiful recordings Nicola.

  2. Author

    Thanks, Lance. I got some more recordings from kiddies again this afternoon. Rather disconcertingly, they seem to be using Monty’s voice so if there’s a dialogue going between them, Monty seems to be talking to himself!

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