Thought No. 1 – A Carrot Has a Soul

Standing in the kitchen, watching an ant running futilely around the edge of the sugar bowl, I had a thought.

Either everything has a soul. Or nothing has a soul. This thinking applies whether you are a creationist or a materialist. It is indeed peculiar thinking that a Creator, whilst creating types of life, would allot souls to humans.. and no other life-form – animal, vegetable or mineral.Or perhaps some types of life – maybe dogs, or a few trees – but certainly not cockroaches, maggots or (my pet hate) crocodiles. This is extreme anthropomorphism.If you are a creationist then you will accept that the Creator is not human, and while we may be made in the Creator’s image, we are not the Creator, and our pet hates will not be the Creator’s pet hates. The Creator created everything, from what we consider to be the lowliest, to the highest form of life (according to man).He or She did not create everything to be at the beck and call of human beings. He or She would love his creation ‘carrot’, as much as he loves his creation ‘you’ – because He or She created both – like children. And getting away from the Creationist type of thinking, it is even more logical then, that if you are able to grasp the concept of a soul, and you believe there is no Creator, then souls must inhabit everything. In fact, to think otherwise would be to believe there is a divine being choosing what has a soul . Therefore it is only logical that everything that exists has a soul life, or astral body.

Does this extend to the table you are sitting around? Hmmm… perhaps? Was anything there once ‘living’ as we understand it? Yes, I guess it was. At what point do we draw the line? Perhaps we don’t? But this may be going too far for a simple blog written by a simple (hey!) woman from England.

Do you remember Dr. Masaru Emoto’s rice experiment?

Briefly, Dr. Emoto was convinced that he could make rice turn bad by treating it badly. This experiment has been repeated with mixed results with flowers, water – in fact anything you please. Sceptics argue that it doesn’t work. To my mind, it would only work for someone who believed, and I mean truly believed, that it would work. Let me explain, before you think I am away with the fairies… Dr. Emoto and people like him, put their heart and soul into loving, hating and being disinterested in their test targets, because they believed they could make a difference. The experimenters who didn’t believe, or had an open mind, had no interest in loving, hating or being disinterested in their test targets, because at best they were neutral and at worst they believed they were wasting their time and were probably thinking about what they were going to have for lunch that day. They were faking it – acting. An analogy would be to think about the sun shining then having a cloud pass in front of it. This would have an effect – it would grow dark. This is akin to someone with intention loving, or hating their test target – the result is real and tangible. However if the sun simply said ‘It’s growing dark, it’s growing dark, it’s growing dark’ with no cloud (intention), but simple lip service (the experimenters’ acting), it would not grow dark – there would be no effect. And this is why we see those results with sceptics or neutrals – despite any protestations that they really want it to work.

I am not talking about ‘beam me up Scotty’ telepathy as we understand telepathy – but an altering of our spiritual, soul, vibrations with intent. If there is no intent, our vibrations stay the same and no amount of shouting and carrying on, will alter our vibration – it will remain in the neutral state. Belief readies our vibration, our resonance, for change and when we believe that we hate or love something, our vibration will change and interact with the test target’s vibration with a causal effect of improving or destroying it.

I believe thought is powerful – not for any organic reason (although that surely exists too), but for spiritual ones. We need to be careful with our thoughts as thought creates… and destroys… at the very highest level.