“We Feel the Suffering” EVP

An extra long session today. I tried to abort after an hour and a half, however they indicated they wanted me to continue. Here are two clips from our mammoth recording session… the rest are too indistinct for publication.

“Hello, how are you today?”

“We feel the suffering”. This was said when I observed that Saturday was always bad for communication.

Added much later…

I was very tired after that long recording session earlier and just wanted to get those clips online before I got distracted by something else. So I’m just adding to the page now. I’ve hypothesised that the reason our connection is so thin on a Saturday is because there’s a lot of (negative) spiritual activity around me. Not necessarily directly around me, but in the vicinity. I think this would impact on the connection and this also explains why there is so much more responsiveness and activity spirit-side when it’s the very early hours of the morning here and most people are asleep.

So when the team says ‘we feel the suffering’ (although I can now hear ‘we see the suffering’, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter which one), this could be because there actually is more suffering going on during a Saturday when people do not have the distraction of work and are instead involved in their own inter-personal relationships.

So sad šŸ™


  1. “We feel the suffering” very clear…..How do you get your audio on your page, I got to go through soundcloud, I can’t find a way to upload directly to the page, only if I pay??

    1. Author

      Yep, uploading elsewhere is the only way to do it unless you pay. I upgraded after a few days of searching for alternatives. I wanted the domain name too though!
      I didn’t realise, though, that you could buy the domain name but wordpress actually keeps control of it, so I can’t put anything else on the domain, or optimise it for the search engines. Didn’t see that one coming.

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