Spirit Children Communication Progessing

Covered in our conversations today was the progress they were making with our children. Even before I spoke I got this EVP …

“We’ve got our children now”.

I asked how the children were going to communicate – I pointed out that last time we had children with us they had to use an adult’s voice to communicate. I don’t think there’s anything weird or spooky about this – I think they have a library of words that are audible to our ears, which so happen to be spoken in an adult’s voice. However I know that children speak to their parents using Sonia Rinaldi’s Brazilian station and use their own voices. I think perhaps the ways they can communicate depend upon the recipient (in this case, me). I asked about this and they replied…

“We have to choose the manner today”.

A while later I discerned no reasonable responses to my questions so decided I might quit for the day.

Just as I was about to give up for the day I got this..

“We bring the children”.

And then..

“We have to see you… see you”

“Misheard”. For some reason I heard the name Otto in the last EVP, so I asked whether I had heard correctly.

At the 3 hour mark I got this

“Keep working”.

“Thank you for staying”.

Bless them. I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to stay focused for four hours particularly when I am not hearing responses. I get the fidgets! Today they answered the communication questions again when I was going to leave, so, given they were only supposed to do that if I should stay, I stayed on and the recording stretched to 3.75 hours. I’m hoping that every additional minute I talk to them counts towards building a strong connection between us all.