Late Night Calling – Spiritual Tones

So I was sat in bed at around 1am and suddenly felt the urge to do some recording. As is usual for early morning sessions I had a lot of responses. I started off by saying I hoped they didn’t mind, but I felt the urge to come back. I was surprised by their response. They said that they already knew and I also heard ‘we needed you back’. Yesterday I talked to them until I felt myself wilting and left. I guess I was still needed! I only managed a couple of hours with them this morning before I felt the sudden urge to leave. I hope I had helped with whatever they wanted me for.

Strangely, I understood as I was listening to the responses, that they were addressing each other, and not usually me. For example someone complimented a team member by telling him the credit had to go to him (for what it was not clear), and he responded “That’s very nice of you, thank you”. There were also children there and I overheard squabbling and complaints (in an adult’s voice), like ‘Mine! Get out!”, followed by an adult trying to appease with a “Calm down, Timothy”. It’s strange, but rather lovely, to be party to what’s going on their side. As soon as I realised I was hearing things not meant for me, the team did something to the signal (akin to turning down the volume) and the recording after that was woefully depleted of any responses. In fact the audio was mostly flat-line in Audacity. Once again, the team ‘heard’ my disappointment and adjusted the signal their side.

So what is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and how is it created? The first part is easy to answer – EVP is the result of anomalous sounds that are thought to be voices appearing on our modern day electronic devices, only heard through playback of recordings. Related to this is Direct Radio Voice. The same anomalous sounds, but heard in real-time. We can only theorise about how these voices are created by the communicators. Scientific analysis of EVP shows that EVP closely resembles the make up of the human voice, but is not exactly the same. The most common theory is that the EVP is intentional thought generated by the communicator.

My own experiences in this field indicate that this is right. However I learned early on, that despite theories to the contrary, it is also possible to hear what is taking place in the vicinity of what we could think of as their broadcaster (hence the over-heard conversations I mentioned earlier), therefore my connection to the team also covers the area they occupy at the time I am recording – much like how a speaker phone works here. The environment they occupy seems to me to be very loosely similar to an earthside office environment albeit with the addition of kids, pets and relatives! There seem to be people milling around talking to the team. It’s very easy for me to get carried away and assign more earthlike similarities than are actually present, however it makes sense that the afterlife would resemble something we are familiar with.

I received many recordings, but as is often the case, the recordings aren’t necessarily always fit to be published. Here are a few for you.

“We know”. Perhaps a very quiet response here, but they were letting me know that they already knew I was coming back to do a late night/early morning recording session.

“Crikey!”. When I return to talk to the team after a recording, I report back what I had heard. In this case I was referring to a response I had received when I asked if I could change the communication questions as I thought some of them were silly. I heard ‘you keep on with the easy ones’ from someone (meaning, do not change them). I think they were surprised I had picked that up!

I ran out of sound file. I used to do this for a pastime when I first started, but usually remember to stick it on ‘loop’. I didn’t this morning. I usually get dead silence, but this time I got these tones. There was nothing around me that could account for it, and no speakers to create feedback (apart from the built in ones, which I’ve recorded silence with before). This is unusual so I’m posting it here. I’m not saying for sure it’s team generated though.