I had a pretty unsuccessful connection this morning, so as I was messing about on my computer this evening, I decided to put some white noise on in the background. I went to the ambient sound site I had discovered last week – A Soft Murmur. I spotted a ‘Coffee Shop’ icon and clicked on it. It generates noise similar to the noise that I use when recording the team. I loaded Audacity and asked my introductory connection questions. When I played back, to my surprise, there was my lead communicator. Connection wasn’t great but I got a few recordings… “I’m happy”. We have an additionalRead More →

Another late night talk – this time a Saturday night/Sunday morning, so the connection wasn’t as clear. Just three EVP to share with you. “Our EVP does not communicate (…)”. Said randomly at the end of one of the recordings. This was followed up during the next recording with something along the lines of “EVP doesn’t even compete (with (unintelligible))”. My understanding from this is either they were not pleased with the connection, or they were hinting of another technology that will supersede EVP. Or. EVP does not and can not ever do justice to our eternal truth. “We’ve come to help distance with people”. I misheardRead More →

As is usual for a Saturday, the connection was poor… I was tired too so that didn’t help. “Happy”. “Keep it coming”. The team encouraging me to keep the questions coming I’m assuming. After this I did another five minute repetition recording but the responses were muffled and I was falling asleep so I quit for the day.Read More →

Standing in the kitchen, watching an ant running futilely around the edge of the sugar bowl, I had a thought. Either everything has a soul. Or nothing has a soul. This thinking applies whether you are a creationist or a materialist. It is indeed peculiar thinking that a Creator, whilst creating types of life, would allot souls to humans.. and no other life-form – animal, vegetable or mineral.Or perhaps some types of life – maybe dogs, or a few trees – but certainly not cockroaches, maggots or (my pet hate) crocodiles. This is extreme anthropomorphism.If you are a creationist then you will accept that the Creator isRead More →

I think we have more spirit children communicating today. At this stage, the children don’t sound like themselves. There are few, limited adult voices used at this time in our communication (added June 2017: this expands over time) therefore you will hear childish sentiments said in adult voices. “Calm down now” “No – I can’t!”. This sounds like our lead communicator talking to a child who is over-excitable. “Fighting. We hear it with children.”. An aside about the child’s over-enthusiasm. “Peter”. Randomly mentioned. “(This or Chris) Holland’s family (background)”. Another random occurrence. I’m not at all sure I’ve got it right but have included it in case theRead More →