We connected for a short time this morning – guess who was there?…. (Dog barking) I got a few unexpected answers during our first recording. I heard the team assert “We’ve tried to make contact loads of times”. Spurred on by this I tried a couple of open-ended questions but could discern no audible replies. So it was back to the repetitions… “Daveene”. “Elsie”.Read More →

I must admit I was beginning to fret. After a couple of days of appalling signal it seemed to snap entirely yesterday and gave me a day of absolutely no response, even checking twice. I was relieved to hear from the team a few hours ago, although the signal was bad. (Dog barking) It was a short experimental session, which they cut short. We touched on our connection, my hat (which was ‘lovely’ apparently!) and some personal matters. “Lovely hat”  Read More →

I’m just posting one communication response today. The other clips are intelligent responses or said adhoc by the communicators. “Signal”. Unexpectedly: “Monty – that’s me.” Then this one, in the middle of a question. “Nice to have you, Nicola”. This is a phrase I get repeatedly. Excellently timed too! 😀 “Monty. I think you’re an April fool”.Read More →

Nothing terribly out of the ordinary today. Quite a few repetitions received. Here’s just one where the communicator changed the answer from Jacky to Jacqueline.”Jacqueline”. “These are dead people”. Yes actually.. I freestyle my repetition sessions to make it a little more interesting, and the way I do that is just listing family members. Unfortunately most of my family members going upwards are no longer here with me.Read More →