Goldfinger! EVP

I held two recording sessions today. One is more what we would refer to as ‘last night’ – I hadn’t gone to bed but was still up recording at 2, 3am.  I got many responses, but only a handful I can post here.

“Hi Nicki” This was the one and only (published) response from the early hours. The rest are from Wednesday evening.

“Goldfinger”. 😀 Ahhh! The infamous goldfish which either completely foxes the team, or they enjoy playing around with it, so I think I’ve now got clownfish, monkfish and now goldfinger! Occasionally I do get ‘goldfish’ though, so I know they can manage it occasionally.

“There’s one file stuck into the grid”. This was the answer when I asked why a lot of visitors (the children, family) have to borrow the same voice to talk to me. Interesting response.