EVP Technical Issues

I used a new sound file today.

“Back. Hi.”.

I just did communication questions to test out this file. Usually they ignore the communication question and make some other statements, but this time I was answered in the way I asked them to. Almost!

I asked whether the burn-ons I get (pre-recordings) are local and written directly onto my sound file, or whether they’re there with them. I couldn’t discern an answer but I did get the answer below – they have to delete them.

“We have to delete them”.

I informed them that a burn-on that I had previously found amusing was now becoming a bit of a nuisance, turning up a little too often and sometimes butting into their answers making the answers inaudible. I asked if the team could get rid of it (I hadn’t heard the answer about having to delete them at this point as this was the same recording). The answer was to leave it to them.

“Leave it to us (sweetie)”.

“We have to leave”. And they did! Mercifully this time I heard them say this so I kept the next recording session short in case they really were there and that was another burn-on (pre recording) that had fooled me.