Direct Radio Voice

Degen 1103 Shortwave Radio
Shortwave radio for receiving direct radio voice (DRV)

I have very half-heartedly tried direct radio voice (DRV) in the past. I have a CD player with a radio that I’ve left on white noise for a while. However after x number of minutes the device would intelligently decide it has been left on by accident and snap off. I bought some old radios on eBay but couldn’t get them working.

So after watching a few YouTube videos I was inspired to write to my colleague Lance from EVP Contact (see links on right) and ask his advice about which radio. A few hours (minutes) later and I have a Degen 1103 winging its way to me.


  1. How did you get on with DRV Nicola?

    1. Author

      They wouldn’t use it. They said there was no voice and turned the radio off! šŸ™‚

      1. Author

        I should explain that I was using the radio for white noise and also running a sound file as I usually do. Nothing came out of the radio – the only thing that happened was it was switched off. It was a few minutes later on playback that I heard them saying it wouldn’t work (for us) and my surprise when it seemed to switch itself off. I will eventually get round to publishing those EVP!

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