We Are All In Our Own Light – Profound Implications for All – Message from the Afterlife

We were discussing the people that sometimes meddle with our recordings, adding their interjections, names and sometimes rude comments. I wanted to know more about them and whether we could help them. The implications are profound for all of us.

“Monty said ‘not in heaven’ – who were you referring to please Monty?”
“(I love Nicki a lot)… The others”

“Is there anything we can do to help them please?” (referring to ‘the others’)
“They’re comfy, so that’s the (their?) light Nicki”

“Which does mean that we cannot help them, because they do not want our help, because they are in ‘their’ light – is that correct please?”
“It is”

Now some general recordings..

“Passing the notes”

“Please don’t stop”

“Hello team – thank you for your communication”
“Thank YOU”

“Do this, don’t stop”

“Proof of all places”

“Nic I love you/I’ll be back”

“Represents spiritual”

“We love you”

“Hello there, thank you for your communication”

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