Moving Forwards

Today the general theme was moving onwards. Here are some of the EVP from today.

Be natural (images)

I said I would like to start visual ITC with the team soon, if it was an acceptable companion to our audio ITC. This message is promising. I will start later in the year and publish the results when they are clear enough to be understood independently.

He’s upset that you got the book.

I did ask for context later, but I couldn’t understand what was said. Taking that literally, I was left puzzled by ‘book’. If I didn’t mishear, I can’t think what it refers to. I don’t know who ‘he’ is either. The message may not have been intended for me though, as they talk to each other throughout our recording.

Seemed like you needed the light

I was talking about our history and my worry that I am not worthy of the time and love they give me. I think this refers right back to when we started when I was in a very dark place with regards to spiritual matters.

Soon you’ll be able to find it … (Tony) … so clear.

I think this is referring to the clarity of future communications. I don’t know what ‘tony’ is doing in the middle of it!

Get off this case

A strange and seemingly irrelevant phrase, said to me, the team, or somebody else – I don’t know, and didn’t understand further clarification if there was some.


To my headphones this seemed distorted, although it’s clearer than I remember it through the speakers. I thought perhaps it was a burn on, but as it turns out, the intention was current. Our communication lasted for as long as usual today, but with fewer recordings (four I think) as they were a lot longer and a lot more talkative in nature.

He loved him lots

He loves you” (x 2)

Said twice, by two different voices. Second is my lead communicator, the other I don’t know the name of, but is probably the second most prolific communicator.

Psychic news”

A newspaper I used to read when I was involved with the spiritualist church, many years ago. In april’s issue (which I bought after I got this message) there was an article about the ‘soul phone’ being developed in Tucson, Arizona, which distressed me greatly (and was the reason behind my ‘oops’ post). It sounded like a truly commercial venture with emphasis put on texting and skyping ‘the dead’ .

Respect Nicki

This comes up quite often. Sometimes when I say something that may come across as rude (I really don’t mean it, I have a harsh way of talking sometimes), and sometimes it just appears randomly. I heard it a couple of times today, but I think it was random burn-ons. I hope I didn’t make a booboo anyway.

As well as love I think mutual respect is imperative to communication.


First time I’ve heard this name, from my communicators.

We love you … bye-bye

We’ve been impatient

Hardly surprising. It was taking me twenty minutes or more to return to the conversation after playing the previous back. I’m developing new techniques to ensure they aren’t waiting for me for too long.

“I’ll be back … good luck”

‘Good luck’ is something my husband always says to me when starting a recording session. Perhaps this is an echo of that, wishing me luck back in the material world. šŸ™‚


Published 18th May 2017

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