Voices From Heaven

We had another long, and fairly uninterrupted talk tonight. The general gist of it was that I was encouraged to again publish the team’s EVP. If somebody else can actually hear what I hear, this starts their thought process, and we change the world one thought at a time. To be part of that, however small, even if for only one person, that is wonderful. That one person may be a catalyst for change – I just don’t know.

Here are a few of our EVP from tonight.

“Go to posh Brit”

Perhaps they have automated the delivery of their voices, so they can switch accents, perhaps even languages. This makes perfect sense to me, and EVP from the past seem to echo this, though not as obviously.

“Love Nicki a lot”

“It’s fucked”

If that’s the team, he’s probably referring to a part of our equipment. I’ve heard comments similar to this over the last few months, referring to something being broken. I know our connection was torn down last year and though we managed to communicate, the quality of the signal seems little better than a year ago, though they now communicate in short sentences instead of just words.

If it’s the ‘others’ (a group of disruptive spirits that the team cannot hear, and I can) – they’re just being rude. I asked the team to switch to another swear word if they could! Differentiates them from the others!

“Not interesting/interested”

This is referring to this blog.

“Put some up”

The blog again. The EVP I presumed.

“Too modest for you”

Still referring to the blog. Size I think.

“We love you.”

“Go for dinner!”
“She’s had some!”

Right – I had!

“We love you”

I’ve published two ‘we love you’ EVP tonight. Please play them one after the other. You should notice they are different voices. When we first started communicating, there was only one voice – that of my lead communicator (the voice on the recording above). I queried this last year when different spirits uttered their name but still in the lead communicator’s voice. I was told it was only his voice in ‘the grid’. Now there are at least half a dozen distinctly different voices.

Love and our best wishes.

Published 16th May 2017


  1. Hi Nicola, I hear some of them like you do, but my favorite one is the dinner one at the bottom.
    your Site is looking very nice šŸ™‚

  2. Author

    Thanks Lance šŸ™‚
    Actually they were both right.. I had my dinner a few hours earlier but had started feeling hungry again. My lead communicator has always told me to go and eat if I feel hungry, and I never tell them – they just know. šŸ™‚

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