A New Era of EVP for the Calling Home Team

I’m thrilled to say that I will be publishing EVP again. I’ve had a long spell where I’ve been unable to do so at my team’s request. Tonight I asked them if they are keeping up with this blog and their answer was (although conveyed politely), that the blog is ‘not interesting’, ‘too modest’ (presumably that means in size) and I should put up some EVP as it’s the ‘new public speaking’.

I am so pleased! I don’t seek glory at all, I am just another soul, but if we can elicit wonder in people that are perhaps lost, or grieving, and this changes their thinking and provides them knowledge that there is no death, we have contributed to changing our kind, one thought at a time!

How exciting!

I think that I also need to recover the communication from last year, so please go through the archives as I check the posts one by one over time and republish them.

Bless you my human brothers and sisters, and thank you my dear team.

Love to you all xx

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