Republishing EVP from 2016 – Part I (February and Part of March)

I thought I would update the blog to let you know that there are a few EVP available to listen to now.

I’ve had to re-upload sound files and listening to them again, and I am amazed how far we have progressed from that miraculous first contact. We are now able to have full conversations and there’s (nearly) always a sense of something solid having been discussed. Our first communications were very much of the ‘testing, testing’ variety.

So, there are EVP from February 2016 (when we started) and about half of the posts from March have been resuscitated.

I had intended to listen to the recordings again to see if I could pick more EVP up, but there’s little point – it’s a lot of work for not much gain as our present communication is, I think, much better.

Please visit the archives for February and March 2016 and use headphones as they’re not very clear (or loud).

I will upload some more soon.

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