Where Evil Goes When It Dies

The glorification of evil on Earth comes to us, modern day, as infamy for serial killers, spree killers or mass murderers, sexual predators and genocidal maniacs. Evil is a spectrum. It is cultivated in the ego of man. I would like to say it’s borne of a lack of awareness of the true natures of our infinite consciousness and finite physical reality, but it is not so. The evil in man is sometimes self aware and sometimes revels in its own nature.

A recently passed child rapist and murderer was aware of his nature and revelled in it. He believed he will be reincarnated into something even worse than he was – after all he got caught and denied the pleasure of continuing the torture, rape and murder of more innocents, so maybe he will. Maybe he will.


Maybe he won’t be reincarnated, at least not for a while and perhaps not with the evil he possessed in this life. Perhaps with more, perhaps with less. But he does not control that. The knowledge that he seemed to possess of his nature was missing a vital component – the law of nature. I think our afterlife, being part of nature, follows rules, as all nature follows rules. Not manmade rules, but universal rules that dictates that, for example, you cannot nail water to a tree. I am not going to preach or regurgitate what others have said, or impart wisdom from the team I work with. I am going to share my experience of communication with my team and what I think it means for all of us, including the evil.

Communication can sometimes be like this:

Me: Are you available to communicate?
Answer: Fuck off c*nt (sometimes loudly, sounding close)
Answer from team: Glad you’ve come. I love you Nicki. We love you. (Quieter than the first response – sometimes with beeps, clicks and thumps).

Early on with less knowledge of how our personal connection can be experienced either end this would happen:

Me: I just heard ‘fuck off c*nt – did I mishear?” I was sure I had not, but wanted to let the team know I had a problem and find out what to do about it, if I could do anything.
Answer from the team: You misheard.

As our knowledge of our connection grew and I repeatedly received this interference the answer became:

“That wasn’t me!!”

And further on, this went on to:

The others. Others. Others.
Look at the evil.
Cannot get near her.
Put your arms around her.

This has now evolved to:

You will get some interruptions.
The voices..
The voices you will hear (…. unintelligible or interrupted)

This said before I received a flurry of messages mimicking the team but of a questionable nature in the form of bad advice and ego provoking comments.

So we have gone from a straight forward/clean connection being assumed, to an understanding and now a method of prediction from the team, particularly if they are having problems, or changing something their end. From my part I have to have become good at understanding which voices come from my team and which do not (the others are good at impersonation). The tone from the team is different, the words are different and the intention is different. For the most part I ignore the others, or tease them if I acknowledge them at all. Sometimes I acknowledge their presence to the team only so they know I may leave. If I am not feeling in a particularly tolerant mood I will end the communication after sending love and an explaination to my team.

What does this have to do with ‘where evil goes when it dies’? It’s simply this. I have heard with my own ears that the good are not aware of the bad. They are not in the same place. If we talk in terms of dimensions, or even rooms in a mansion, the good are with the good, the bad are with the bad, and this is all on a sliding scale. Theories put forth from others is that the majority of us go to the third plane – nicknamed the Summerland. This covers a large part of the sliding scale. We all have a bit of bad in us (ever felt superior to another soul, or judged them to be less, even if it is something as minor as the other soul having a hole in their clothes that they ‘should have’ sewn up?). The people that are not part of this huge sliding scale drop into other dimensions (rooms) to be with their own kind and the majority are not aware of them. The bad ones are probably not aware of the good – there has been no indication they are, other than an uncanny ability to mimic them. They are certainly aware of me, and they do not like me at all. Any post I make about them here comes with risks because acknowledging them risks giving evil a voice, this is why you will hear them rarely, and read about them here seldom. Other than people they have frightened, you probably won’t have acknowledgement of their ability to cause trouble with ITC communicators. Perhaps they don’t cause trouble with them, or perhaps they go unheard, or ignored.

So, my own experience tells me that the people that are bad do not go to the same place as the majority of us. The ones I hear are not burning in the fiery pits of hell. They are in their own heaven, which to us would be hell, and to the truly evil would probably feel hellish. Because far from being king of the hill and being with their heroes, they become just another soul with a massive ego, unaware or uncaring of their oneness with life. All trying to out-evil each other. For an egotistical maniac this would be hell. Don’t you think?

Reincarnation for this killer? I think that depends on nature. I don’t think we come here as punishment per se, but to learn lessons we can only learn from a physical incarnation with no certain knowledge of our continuation. Perhaps the lessons aren’t always to purify or improve our soul for the better, perhaps they are just lessons we have not yet learned.

Earth will probably always have evil. As time goes on we may believe we are getting worse rather than better. This is undoubtedly due to our leaps in technology and therefore our knowledge of atrocities committed. But with this same technology we will also strengthen the knowledge of our true nature.

Heaven (or hell) on Earth? This won’t happen in my opinion. As soon as that is achieved, earth outlives its usefulness. Full and absolute knowledge of our nature will not happen for the same reason. Earth becomes redundant as soon as everyone knows it’s not the only reality, or even reality at all. Or perhaps the purpose of the physical incarnation will change?

As for being part of the huge sliding scale, this is a spectrum too. Every bad deed, every bad thought, pushes our life force to the bottom of that scale. Or to be slightly more scientific, it changes our energy vibration. If your energy changes to be so different from that of people you love, you may not see them for a very long time. It’s a matter of vibration. A vibration will be placed at its peak, with the ability to lower itself if needed. A low vibration cannot suddenly vibrate highly, that takes time, work, understanding, patience and a desire for change.

As I said earlier, this is not words from beyond, but my own, and I will certainly be told by my communicators to delete this post if I am totally off track.

Mental illness that presents as sociopathy or psychopathy is a subject for another post altogether and isn’t something to speculate on here.

At the risk of sounding like a new age mystic, or someone who pretends to know most things, we are one. We know nothing. We are part of life. I know nothing, I am a part of life, I am your sister. I am you.

From Nicola

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