Microphone Test – EVP

Following on from yesterday’s post and the mention of using a microphone next, I wasn’t confident I could get the whole lot working at the same time. I have to play a sound file through the internal speakers and hope the microphone picks up that, my voice, and their voice. Because I was just messing about with the microphone, but would be using my normal method of contact with the team, I told them this was just experimental and I didn’t need to talk to them, so expected nothing. I did however get a couple of EVP. The first may be a burn-on.

“They’re finding your notes”

Notes refers to this blog. It comes up often in various guises, sometimes quite obviously left there from the time before. This was a variant on what I normally get.

The quality is OK… as you can hear the gibberish is a lot less, but there was a lot of fiddling about to have to retrieve this. First I had to amplify the entire recording by 10db – and that was to get it up close to our regular volume. Then when I found an EVP I had to amplify it again. I’m not sure the team will be happy to wait that long for me to return from playback. I’m trying to become faster at responding because I can sometimes find that I have spent two hours in total with the team, but they’ve only actually had ten minutes where I have recorded what they’ve said. However the real test will be when the team are all present and correct. They might use the microphone a lot differently to how it was used tonight.

“Look in the bible”

This is not likely to be from the team.
I also don’t know what I would be looking in the bible for.

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