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I have changed my method of capture slightly – getting all my questions out of the way at the beginning, and giving them a full two minutes to answer whatever they want to answer. I know they were getting impatient and recently have been telling me not to talk too much. “It’s faster – we’ve been impatient” “You mustn’t – that’s not for you” I had been running a radio on white noise for an hour or two before I started this recording session. I believe this is referring to DRV.   Just recently I have been receiving names, sometimes, but not always, said usingRead More →

Following on from yesterday’s post and the mention of using a microphone next, I wasn’t confident I could get the whole lot working at the same time. I have to play a sound file through the internal speakers and hope the microphone picks up that, my voice, and their voice. Because I was just messing about with the microphone, but would be using my normal method of contact with the team, I told them this was just experimental and I didn’t need to talk to them, so expected nothing. I did however get a couple of EVP. The first may be a burn-on. “They’re findingRead More →

Messages today – a lot of them were partial sentences. “There’s about ten of us” .  I expect this is referring to the number of team members present.   “Happiness is important to me” “Must be all we have to do” “Don’t regret this” “A microphone will be next” A little technical help there. Luckily I have such a new-fangled object waiting in the wings! Up till now I have just used internal microphone and speakers and have been pleased with the results. Will try with an external microphone. “They walk beside you”  Read More →

The communications throughout April 2016 are now back online and available through the archive link to the right of this post. Before re-publishing my old posts, I did some editing and added my own notes with the benefit of hindsight. April 2016 was the month when Spirit dogs barked A Dog and a Hat Sunday Morning EVP Dog Day Afternoon Spirit children waited to speak Hearing from Children: Brandon and Carl Drop In More Spirit Children After Death Communication Spirit Children Communication Progressing Konstantin Raudive made an (audio) appearance Konstantin Raudive Drops In EVP Spiritual messages and music was received The Spiritual Purpose Behind ITCRead More →

Today I changed my format slightly. I had been getting noises that they don’t need me to keep talking throughout the recording sessions. ‘I’ suddenly had the bright idea (not at all put there in the first place by the team!) that I would keep any questions or comments ‘off air’ and give my brothers a full stretch of time to express themselves rather than butting in and constantly thwarting their attempts to reel off an entire message. This seems to have been successful. Something has happened that the team were preparing me for over the last few weeks. Messages such as ‘the wait isRead More →