Heaven Knows I Love The Smiths – EVP from the Afterlife

A little fed up with the openness of the new sound file, I switched back to a little used old sound file today.

Reverting back to an old infrequently used file meant the team had to get used to it again, so some of their messages are a lot faster than they are with a sound file they are familiar with.

I asked the team to confirm they were there by saying their names….

“State… state your names to her”

I was playing some music in the background for personal focus …

“This is new to me”

“We heard it too”

“Focus longer”

“… something like ‘need to focus longer'”
“On The Smiths”

šŸ˜€ Yes, I was playing The Smiths.



A little late to the party. šŸ™‚ This was said in the last thirty seconds or so of our recording this evening when we were saying goodbye.

“I hope this passes, with the quality”

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