“Angel beings – they talk to you” Afterlife EVP

As is sometimes the case, I couldn’t sleep, so these EVP clips are taken from a conversation we had at 5am.

“We can’t see you”

“Hence – we are wind above you”

The two messages above are linked. I am not sure why they couldn’t see me as usual, but they seem to have their own work-around for that. šŸ™‚

“Sweetie” x 2

“We love you”

“Get out please”

A doorkeeper (bouncer) keeping outsiders at bay.

“I’ve missed you”

“She is fond of you”

“Nicely done, Nicki”

“Given up your notes”

Some concern there about my lack of blog posts. I speak to the team more often than I post on here, but the communication is usually about private matters with not much generic talk that would mean anything to anyone else (and not really the sort of thing you broadcast on a blog).

Speaking of private matters, the following EVP are words of comfort given to me during a difficult time.

“Angel beings – they talk to you”

“I’ll be there to escort you”

And on the final recording….

“We will miss you”

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