“Play more music! Play The Smiths!” EVP – Afterlife After Death Communication

Another evening recording session with the team and anyone who cares to join in. Here are a selection of their EVP.

“Got eight brothers with me”

‘Brothers’ is a fraternal name for males in spirit.

“Let’s continue”

We had a brief interruption from some trouble-makers. Ignoring them, we continued.

“Thank you”
“You’re welcome”

This should show that there is interaction between the spirits that are also trying to communicate with me, earthside.

“All kinds of new people in front of her”

Referring to newcomers, either earthside, or from other dimensions that join us when we speak to each other.

“Hey little sister – wish for something good”

“Nicola puts up notes”

Referring to the EVP and research on this blog.

“I love you”

“Mortality doesn’t help her”

“Play more music – play the Smiths”

I’ve been without ‘my’ choice of music for a few days. This is encouragement. Music keeps my mood buoyant. Yes, even the Smiths šŸ˜‰

“We ask you for other people that can’t do, it’s good”

This is most likely referring to the team being able to communicate here earthside, on behalf of other people that can’t communicate in the same manner.

“Love you”

“We helped you”

Depending on which equipment I use to play this back, this is a rare unisex or female voice – almost all of the other voices, all the time, are male. I associate genderless voices with angelic beings.

“It’s great to speak to you”

As we were signing off.


Love to you all

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