Spirits Calling Home – Afterlife EVP – Messages from Heaven

Another great talk with the team today. This time with a difference – they seemed to be letting people use ‘the phone’ – whatever device they are using their side to communicate. So I have some names – a lot of muffled ‘talking’ as these are people not used to communicating.. and a surprise appearance at the end by my unborn granddaughter. Here are a few EVP from this afternoon’s chat.

“Three hundred notes … three hundred”

This doesn’t seem to have any relevance to anything right now, though the number 300 was repeated on later recordings this afternoon. The meaning might become clear later on.

“We’ll ask him for you”

I think this was a response to an earlier conversation about a ‘code word’ that my friend and her friend had agreed upon before he left Earth. Code words or phrases are difficult to perceive through traditional mediumship. I hope our attempt will be successful.

Messages of Love

“I love you”

“I love you”

“We love you”

“We miss(ed) you”

Spirits Using the Team’s Device

“What must you achieve to operate it?”

A new-comer talking to the team.

“They’ll help us”

Another newcomer.

“I told computer to speak with you”

There was a flurry of messages from newcomers talking about evil – me turning evil, England being evil. I didn’t save any of their nonsense. As soon as the team knew what was happening they delivered..

“Get out!”

That’s our gate-keeper. They don’t put up with nonsense for long and are aware it has affected our communication in the past as I used to become confused about who was saying what. I can’t say I know exactly what is going on now, of course, but I do know this happens. And as people are vile here, so people are vile there… next comes

“Fuck you”

Charming. A displeased newcomer swearing at the team for keeping order.

Over the next recordings I asked for names. Here are a few received..

“I get to be with D’Arcy”

“Amanda Skinner”

“Daniel White can be there”

“I’m Mr Peter(s)”

Unborn Granddaughter

“Nicola, time to behave – your granddaughter’s here”

I checked on the next recording, because I wasn’t sure I had heard granddaughter correctly. I have no grandchildren yet. This little girl is waiting in the wings. The confirmation came as

“We’ve sent her to be the light”

I haven’t heard of this before. I’m guessing additional love acts as a booster.

Love to all xx

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