Big News Coming Our Way – EVP from the Afterlife

The team were excited to tell me about some news coming. This doesn’t necessarily mean our earthside media, but in this case it may well do – the first message I received encouraged me to ‘read the papers’. This could mean research papers or newspapers – because there was mention of news I think we might be talking about something in the newspapers over the next week.

Big News Coming

“Read the papers, Nicola”

Ugh. Well I will as I’ve been asked to – but honestly, I never touch them unless I have to.

“The news..”

This was part of a much longer message, but playing back through speakers it was almost unintelligible, and that’s with a practised ear. The gist was that this will be wonderful news that will help them open the gate, their side.

“Next week..”

I also heard less distinguishable messages about the ‘next few days’.

“He’s waiting for news that we need”

I think the ‘he’ mentioned is a very experienced communicator their side that does a lot of work with reuniting incarnate parents their with discarnate children.

“There are so many people giving a hand – at least a hundred”

Love from Heaven

“I love you”

“Love you”

“Oh, we love you”

Exactly the same was said the other day. I’ve checked this one against the other message and they were said by different people (different ‘voices’) at different speeds, slightly different intonation. See the EVP from August bank holiday.


I started getting some ‘off’ messages that were random phrases that didn’t make any sense to me (for example someone talking about opening a chinese restuarant (!)). I communicated this to my team..

“.. hassle the team..”

I couldn’t hear who, but it seems some people were trying to butt in. I asked non-team to step aside and got..

“I’m talking to you”

More EVP

“Praise is a lovely state”

“But we’ll have to go”

“A week”

I had asked the team about adding an additional method of EVP for non-team members to try to keep this particular method exclusively for team use. My thinking was that using a separate method will allow these people to be heard but without the team having to be present. Currently if I use another method for EVP the team will come whether that is my intention or not. They will have to present this idea to their management. I’m not altogether sure it’s a good idea, even though I suggested it. It does rely upon non-team honouring an agreement to communicate only through transform EVP, and not all non-team that want to communicate are honourable. As we know.

“Come sit here.”
“Thank you”

Towards the end – another example of two discarnates talking to each other.

“Bye-bye Brothers.”
“We love you sister”

A beautiful way to end this afternoon’s communication.

Love to you all xx

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