“You’re on telly!” “I will rest in peace” Messages from the Spirit World – Afterlife EVP

Today other people joined in our session. The team were aware and advised these people were ‘safe’ to talk to. I was aware there were other people present – the team’s communication and that of communication from new people is completely different – both in intention and method. More about that later. The mention of me being ‘on telly’ (that side) came up. I’m aware this sounds odd. Please scroll down for further explanation. Here are some EVP from today..

“Unaccented font” – means it’s me talking
“Bold” – EVP from the team. Team means all communicators including guardians, overseers and angelic voices. But usually refers to regular communicators.
“Bold and italicised” – EVP from non-team members

Consciousness and Focus

There were a few messages concerning consciousness and focus today. The instructions to ‘focus’ I think were given by people managing the team and newcomers interaction with me, rather than referring to my focus, though I could be wrong of course.

“Know them consciously”

This was said right at the end of one of our recordings – this refers to the team I think.


“Now focus”

Instructions to the communicators rather than me, I think.

New People and American Communicators

I heard a few messages I knew didn’t come from the team. I asked the team if they were aware, they replied that these people were safe to talk to. I told the newcomers that I was happy to hear them communicate but to please keep their messages non-personal to me or our communication, and say something that is meaningful to them or their bereaved loved ones. I heard…

“That’ll be a first”
“I love you”

I don’t know how common the expression ‘that’ll be a first’ is outside of the UK, but this means ‘that’ll be the first time’ – said wryly to indicate something isn’t usually the case. In this instance, someone saying something meaningful. šŸ˜‰

“I will rest in peace”

It will be important, I think, to the person saying this that this EVP is published. I think this refers to having peace of mind now contact has been made. Just as important is for readers of this blog to understand that resting in peace once we have left this dimension does not mean closing our eyes, going to sleep and ‘being dead’ forever. This doesn’t refer to a physical state, but a mental state. šŸ™‚

“Oh Nicki, say it after me”

When I play back the recordings, and during the ensuing silence, I always repeat back what I have heard, various ways it can be heard and what I finally believe to have been said – and whether or not I’m going to ‘clip it’. This is most likely referring to that process, so they can hear that I have heard what they have said.

“Safe to know – and you get to know them too”

This is a team member replying to me when I asked about the ‘interference’ and whether these newcomers were known to the team.

“Think Stuart heard the music”

I usually play music for a while before I attempt to talk to the team.

“It’s down to you that some come back”

Over the past two recording days I have received EVP with non-UK pronunciation of words. I associate this with American pronunciation – for example the UK ‘due’ sounds like ‘do’. I asked if there are American communicators using the ‘posh brit’ sound file their end and heard..

“But we have to meet you – that’s so nice to do”

So I take that as a yes, there are American’s using the file, but due (do) to their slightly different pronunciation of some words, I question what is said. Now I know they’re there.

Team Voice

“.. and to leave it with us and get (dialling)”

Didn’t catch the first part and the last word is muffled. The intention is for me to just get on with this work, I think, and stop worrying about the more technical details, which I have been bothering them with over the last week or so. šŸ˜‰

“The team’s proud of you”

“Team love you with their light”

Media.. and Social Media

“Send tweets on the internet”

I don’t have a twitter account for this site – I guess I should remedy that!

“You’re on the telly”

Argh! Well that’s certainly not earthside. At least if I’m being ‘aired’ that side, I don’t have to see myself!

But I had to ask…

“You’ve become famous”

“You’re actually known here”

and lastly.. and somewhat randomly…

“We need photos of him”

Love to you all xx

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