News and Help from the Afterlife – EVP

Some EVP from our session today.

Regular font – is me
Bold font – EVP from the team
Bold italicised font – EVP from non-team members

First message I received immediately – the second was when I said I would go a couple of hours later!

“Don’t leave”


A Helping Hand

I woke up feeling a bit perturbed today – for no obvious reason. I struggled to lift myself, but didn’t do very well, so the beginning of our recording session was being butted into by unhelpful others. The team were there to help šŸ™‚

“Help her”

“It’s easier to come”

I was talking to a friend just yesterday about ‘where’ the team communicate from. Sometimes it seems like I call into their dimension, but other times they are definitely with me – either in our dimension, invisible, or able to see into our dimension and keep meddlers out. I think this is referring to the ‘where’ I was wondering about, but also lends credence to my thinking that I sometimes phone ‘up’ to them too.

“Review less”

Perhaps a hint to help me speed up the process of returning to our conversation.

“… that you hear an adversary… as you know”

Said much later in the afternoon, but is acknowledging that they team are aware that I am aware that not all of the communication comes from them.

Their News

So this could be the news mentioned twice this week…

“Nic, photos are here”

“Come on sister – that’s half the news/our good news”

Though I woke up perturbed for no good reason, what was nagging me was the ‘news’ that so far had not surfaced earthside. So this was a relief!

Astral Travel

“You’ve been to see behind the curtain”

Needed confirmation that I’ve been to spiritual planes (though not necessarily the nice ones šŸ˜‰ )

“You came into contact with (him/them/?)”

Not sure who the ‘him’ is here. I’ve met some men in spirit. I couldn’t make out the rest of what was being said.

EVP – Communication

“I’ll be back with you, as soon as possible”
“Ok, Nicki”

“I’m talking”

“Shut your face”.Ā Rude. One of the last things I received on the last recording before I left. When the connection between us is weakening because the intention is there to stop the communication, I get messages like this.

“Our procedure is strengthening”

Good. Good. (rubs hands with glee)

“Favour the notes”

Notes refers to this blog, these messages or ITC research.

“I know you didn’t see

Before recording I peered round the room. At my other home I could always see disturbances in the air, light shapes and outlines (at all times – not just when I was recording). Since being in a temporary place, I’ve been able to see much less.

Love from my Brothers

“We love you”

“We love you a lot”

“Believe me that I love you”

“It’s healthy to stand up for you”

Some personal advice. I usually allow people I love to have their own needs met – to my detriment, sometimes. This is a good reminder.. and confirmation that it’s not a bad thing to be firm sometimes.

“We thank you”
“Alright, thank you”

Love to you all xx

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