Another Impromptu EVP Recording – Afterlife Voices

I had been musing on mixed dreams/astral travels last night. My travels are very definite temporary separations from my physical body, but the dreams I had were dreams of travelling. I decided I would try transform EVP to talk to guardians rather than the team. However I couldn’t hear clearly enough, so used a gibberish file to ‘boost’ the sound, not intending to talk to the team as we have arranged to talk tomorrow. However they arrived ten seconds before the end of my first recording!

A lot of the communication seemed to be them talking to each other, but here’s a few EVP from an ‘accidental’ recording with the team tonight…

“We have the team here”

Presumably one of my guardians.

“Good things will happen”

“I wanted to thank you”

“Should have thought of that”

Talking to each other I think.

Love to you all xx

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