Earth to Heaven Interaction – EVP from the Afterlife

I start recordings asking the team to acknowledge with the word ‘here’ to my opening question about whether they are available. Sometimes they do – sometimes they talk about other things.. Today I got ..


Messages of Love from the Light

“We love you”

“Michael loves you”

“Say that she loves me”
Me: “Thank you my dear brothers, I love you”

Team to Team Talk

Today, more than usual, they were talking to each other about technical matters. As an aside, the EVP that I publish here are responses that I can hear – there’s always something said before that is too distorted to understand.

“I noticed you wouldn’t receive them”

(Perhaps my messages)

“Without volume”

“What about the team?”

“Ask brother”

More EVP

“Thank you”

“We’ll be down to sit with you”

“It’s hard to leave on that note”

(I don’t know what ‘that note’ refers to)

Me (referring to the next time we speak) : “Sunday or Monday.. umm … ”
“We’ll have a team for the Sabbath”

Love to you all xx

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