An Evening of EVP from the Afterlife

I used a different room for communication today, unfortunately this set the theme for our evening to be a bit patchy. I ended up back in my usual room after less than an hour. Here’s a few EVP from this evening..

“Thank you”

“I love you”


“Allow me to bring it to you”

Probably amongst themselves

“Can’t tell you”

I asked them to give me more information about something. O.o

“Help them”

Probably amongst themselves

“This is Michael”

“You need some sort of volume level”

Probably amongst themselves again.

“Good news”

“Nic, did he bug you?”

I suspect this is referring to a mischief maker spiritside.

“Allow me to reply”

“You learn from your (babies?)”


“This sucks!”

I had just told them I couldn’t hear anything clearly on the previous recording.

Love to all xx

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