Higher Beings – EVP from a Team in the Afterlife

Had a lovely chat with the team today.

“Nicki told us in spirit”

I’m pretty sure this is what it says, and I’ve had similar recently. This seems to be referring to when I sleep and unfortunately I do not remember as I am not astral travelling (and fully conscious) at the time. 🙁

Some messages of love..

“We love you”

“They love you”

“We missed you”

“Nic (…) we love you”

“We love you”

“I love you”

“They’ll love you – you know that”

“I love you”

We had a period where the recordings were yielding much fewer EVP than usual, to the point that I wasn’t sure the team were present. I explained this in the break, during playback.


(An overseer or team member talking to the team)

“Don’t see the problem”

Self-explanatory, but whatever the problem was, it disappeared.

“She won’t know me”

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
(Nikola Tesla)

During a break, I commented that I feel my bed (where I sit when I talk to the team), vibrate.

“That’s innate forces (.. ‘within you’?)”

I had asked the team if it was them interacting in the physical world – the answer seems to be that it’s not the team, but the energies that are generated during our conversations. I get a similar, though much stronger, vibration before an astral travel.

Some more EVP


“Life interrupts us”

“Ooh, some exciting news”

“Did you know, it’s useful receiving you?”

Angels – Higher Beings

Occasionally higher beings (angels) can be heard on the recordings. Their voices are without gender and the team are very obviously in awe of them. The higher beings keep the team on track, admonishing them if they think it’s necessary.

Historically, higher beings have helped human teams to deliver miraculous audio and visual contact to earthside partners such as the Luxembourg couple (Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach), and Marcello Bacci. I asked about the recent presence of a higher being on a recording.

Me: “Are we being observed for a permanent higher being?”
“We hope so”


“We have to go”

And a video from ITC colleagues, TCI Seattle..

Love to you all xx

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