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The following are some EVP from an ITC session on Father’s Day in the UK – Saturday 17th June. There are some names here, including a little boy (aged seven) with the name Dylan. “Neville” “Parkinson” The four EVP below all relate to the same little boy – “Yes, but I want to come :(“ A child’s vocabulary delivered in an adult’s voice. I asked about this on the next recording. “Team, do you have a child with you? The vocabulary from one of the EVP sounded very much like this ‘yes, but I want to come’” “He’s now seven Nicki” “They sent me Dylan withRead More →

Although the blog hasn’t grown much, I’ve been through the communications from May, June, July and August of last year. There was little that was safe to publish as we had a blip in our connection and I just received EVP from non-team-members for a time. But tonight I’ve spent some time on some more recent EVP and uploaded communication from my holiday in Cuba. I squished it all onto one post – here it is – http://callinghome.net/2017/05/28/away-in-cuba-evp-in-a-foreign-land/Read More →

I have changed my method of capture slightly – getting all my questions out of the way at the beginning, and giving them a full two minutes to answer whatever they want to answer. I know they were getting impatient and recently have been telling me not to talk too much. “It’s faster – we’ve been impatient” “You mustn’t – that’s not for you” I had been running a radio on white noise for an hour or two before I started this recording session. I believe this is referring to DRV.   Just recently I have been receiving names, sometimes, but not always, said usingRead More →

Following on from yesterday’s post and the mention of using a microphone next, I wasn’t confident I could get the whole lot working at the same time. I have to play a sound file through the internal speakers and hope the microphone picks up that, my voice, and their voice. Because I was just messing about with the microphone, but would be using my normal method of contact with the team, I told them this was just experimental and I didn’t need to talk to them, so expected nothing. I did however get a couple of EVP. The first may be a burn-on. “They’re findingRead More →

Messages today – a lot of them were partial sentences. “There’s about ten of us” .  I expect this is referring to the number of team members present.   “Happiness is important to me” “Must be all we have to do” “Don’t regret this” “A microphone will be next” A little technical help there. Luckily I have such a new-fangled object waiting in the wings! Up till now I have just used internal microphone and speakers and have been pleased with the results. Will try with an external microphone. “They walk beside you”  Read More →