Electronic Voice Phenomena (Page 22)

Quite an ordinary day. But, I had asked whether I should change something – a file, I think. He had this to say about it.. (right at the end – excuse my mumbling first please).. “That’s nonsense”. 😀 This little gem has become part of the ‘burn on’ library – it pops up every now and again. Perhaps Monty thought that he would be saying it a lot as I do tend to talk a lot of nonsense! (To find out what a ‘burn on’ is, please see my 1st March post – ‘On the Streets of London’). Republished 14th May 2017Read More →

Today I mostly stuck to my original questions and got pretty weak responses. The only clips clear enough are at the beginnings and ends of the recordings – though you haven’t missed much as it was just a repetitions day. “Me Leslie”. Leslie is a member of the team and is also a ‘communicator’. And at the end.. “Thank you” Republished on 14th May 2017Read More →

I’m still repeating the same old questions. However far from being a boring day a great thing happened – I received my first intelligent sentence which was also a direct response to a request for a repetition. But first… “Happy”. Bit of a blast wasn’t it?! 🙂 And this is my lead communicator … you’ll need headphones and a bit of patience to hear it. “I’m here thank you…. Nic”.  So there it is – six days in and I’ve received my first sentence! Republished on 14th May 2017Read More →

Listening back to the recordings for today, a month later, I can hear the signal is pretty appalling and the responses are limited. However the mystery of the ‘burn on’ started today. I heard the following during my ‘London’ repetition question. “Don’t stop” “On the streets of London” I was delighted to get this and cheered by the obvious humour of my communicators. However over the days following, this voice and this phrase popped up time and time again, usually in the most inappropriate places. Never a change in tone, ‘signal’ or volume (this one has been enhanced to make it better heard). Listening toRead More →