I did today’s recording sessions in the morning and the afternoon. “His name is Bobby”. “People lean on you, give it time”. “Don’t forget me”. “Most people don’t come in”. The response when I asked about progress with ITC researchers earthside. “The angel from Eire/air”.Read More →

Another long day of recording. The signal started out pretty poor with hardly a response to be heard, however I plugged on and we pushed through it, eventually being able to exchange a few words here and there. The big news today was Buster was back (and alone) and seemed to take over the whole show! Here’s a few human responses first.. “Montague”. “Happy”. Woof! Spirit Animal Communication! There were another three recordings of Buster ‘talking’, but these were mixed in with some personal stuff so I haven’t published them. Buster barked over me saying ‘He used to avoid me pretty much’. It’s an inescapable fact thatRead More →