Life after death (Page 14)

The last few months have been difficult, as non-team influences appeared on the recordings, blocking the team out. For a couple of months I entered a dark space with little contact from the team, but plenty of EVP from questionable sources, which to the best of my knowledge, remains unpublished. This started end of April and ends about now. Normal service is resuming – slowly. “Course it’s not dangerous” “Actually she won” “You needed to let me know” I think this refers to a letter I wrote to the team when I realised what has been happening.Read More →

I did today’s recording sessions in the morning and the afternoon. “His name is Bobby”. “People lean on you, give it time”. “Don’t forget me”. “Most people don’t come in”. The response when I asked about progress with ITC researchers earthside. “The angel from Eire/air”.Read More →