Spirit children (Page 2)

Covered in our conversations today was the progress they were making with our children. Even before I spoke I got this EVP … “We’ve got our children now”. I asked how the children were going to communicate – I pointed out that last time we had children with us they had to use an adult’s voice to communicate. I don’t think there’s anything weird or spooky about this – I think they have a library of words that are audible to our ears, which so happen to be spoken in an adult’s voice. However I know that children speak to their parents using Sonia Rinaldi’s Brazilian stationRead More →

I think we have more spirit children communicating today. At this stage, the children don’t sound like themselves. There are few, limited adult voices used at this time in our communication (added June 2017: this expands over time) therefore you will hear childish sentiments said in adult voices. “Calm down now” “No – I can’t!”. This sounds like our lead communicator talking to a child who is over-excitable. “Fighting. We hear it with children.”. An aside about the child’s over-enthusiasm. “Peter”. Randomly mentioned. “(This or Chris) Holland’s family (background)”. Another random occurrence. I’m not at all sure I’ve got it right but have included it in case theRead More →

I had a short chat with the team yesterday afternoon that I didn’t get round to posting. Not that there was much to say – the connection was terrible and I kept mishearing things as is pointed out below… “Silly! I didn’t say a thing!”. Added a year later: Over the course of the next year it became apparent that I was not only able to hear my team, but anybody else who cared to stop by. My team couldn’t hear them, and as I was unaware of all the cross-connections that can be made and the influences that can come into play, I always assumed itRead More →