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Today’s recordings took place over two separate sessions. As a result I have to repeat the connection questions and therefore find a lot of my clearer responses are just acknowledgements. “Yeh”. Listening back to my recordings I’ve noticed just how much I speak and how little time I give my communicators a chance to speak! I must stop doing that! Republished 14th May 2017Read More →

Quite an ordinary day. But, I had asked whether I should change something – a file, I think. He had this to say about it.. (right at the end – excuse my mumbling first please).. “That’s nonsense”. 😀 This little gem has become part of the ‘burn on’ library – it pops up every now and again. Perhaps Monty thought that he would be saying it a lot as I do tend to talk a lot of nonsense! (To find out what a ‘burn on’ is, please see my 1st March post – ‘On the Streets of London’). Republished 14th May 2017Read More →

Today I mostly stuck to my original questions and got pretty weak responses. The only clips clear enough are at the beginnings and ends of the recordings – though you haven’t missed much as it was just a repetitions day. “Me Leslie”. Leslie is a member of the team and is also a ‘communicator’. And at the end.. “Thank you” Republished on 14th May 2017Read More →