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Here are a few bits and pieces over the last month from my team… “Are you available to communicate? If so, please say ‘I’m here’” “Here” “Have faith” “Please respond to goldfish” “Goldfish” “Please tell me your name” “Tony” “Musical attribute“. Said out of the blue on a recording on the day I started using music once again before starting recording. “Have you got any messages for me today please?” “I haven’t” “I’ll be back” “Hello“Read More →

Standing in the kitchen, watching an ant running futilely around the edge of the sugar bowl, I had a thought. Either everything has a soul. Or nothing has a soul. This thinking applies whether you are a creationist or a materialist. It is indeed peculiar thinking that a Creator, whilst creating types of life, would allot souls to humans.. and no other life-form – animal, vegetable or mineral.Or perhaps some types of life – maybe dogs, or a few trees – but certainly not cockroaches, maggots or (my pet hate) crocodiles. This is extreme anthropomorphism.If you are a creationist then you will accept that the Creator isRead More →