Today the general theme was moving onwards. Here are some of the EVP from today. “Be natural (images)” I said I would like to start visual ITC with the team soon, if it was an acceptable companion to our audio ITC. This message is promising. I will start later in the year and publish the results when they are clear enough to be understood independently. “He’s upset that you got the book.” I did ask for context later, but I couldn’t understand what was said. Taking that literally, I was left puzzled by ‘book’. If I didn’t mishear, I can’t think what it refers to.Read More →

We were discussing the people that sometimes meddle with our recordings, adding their interjections, names and sometimes rude comments. I wanted to know more about them and whether we could help them. The implications are profound for all of us. “Monty said ‘not in heaven’ – who were you referring to please Monty?” “(I love Nicki a lot)… The others” “Is there anything we can do to help them please?” (referring to ‘the others’) “They’re comfy, so that’s the (their?) light Nicki” “Which does mean that we cannot help them, because they do not want our help, because they are in ‘their’ light – isRead More →

Sonia Rinaldi is a respected name in the area of instrumental transcommunication. I found her site again tonight while flipping through YouTube. Her audio captures are incredible. Not so much electronic voice phenomenon as a telephone direct to the afterlife. But what caught my attention tonight is her captures of visual ITC. Very clear images (considering how ‘far’ they have to come), of spirits. Most of them unclaimed, though I think it is likely that because Sonia Rinaldi is Brazilian (I think) then she will attract Brazilian spirits. It’s worth taking a look. Just look at what we can produce with a clean connection betweenRead More →