Here’s a handful of EVP from this weekend.. “Nicola” “Well noted” “Are we sure that’ll help them see (this)?” “Probably can’t hear you” “Oggy’s with you” I think that Oggy is a technical team member who seems to be the one that works around me if anything needs doing this end. Love to all xxRead More →

Had a lovely chat with the team today. “Nicki told us in spirit” I’m pretty sure this is what it says, and I’ve had similar recently. This seems to be referring to when I sleep and unfortunately I do not remember as I am not astral travelling (and fully conscious) at the time. šŸ™ Some messages of love.. “We love you” “They love you” “We missed you” “Nic (…) we love you” “We love you” “I love you” “They’ll love you – you know that” “I love you” We had a period where the recordings were yielding much fewer EVP than usual, to the pointRead More →

I used a different room for communication today, unfortunately this set the theme for our evening to be a bit patchy. I ended up back in my usual room after less than an hour. Here’s a few EVP from this evening.. “Thank you” “I love you” “Nicola” “Allow me to bring it to you” Probably amongst themselves “Can’t tell you” I asked them to give me more information about something. O.o “Help them” Probably amongst themselves “This is Michael” “You need some sort of volume level” Probably amongst themselves again. “Good news” “Nic, did he bug you?” I suspect this is referring to a mischiefRead More →

We had company for today’s recordings – and not particularly well-behaved company at that. “What are they up to?” The visitors were doing .. something .. to me – by the time I was ready to listen back to the recording, my heart was beating hard and I was very hot. I explained this on my next recording. A team member told me that it’s not my heart I was feeling. I’m not even sure the others were responsible for this, as communicating with love opens the heart chakra, which can feel like the heart is pounding. See and inner calling. “Back. Back please.”Read More →

I start recordings asking the team to acknowledge with the word ‘here’ to my opening question about whether they are available. Sometimes they do – sometimes they talk about other things.. Today I got .. “Here” Messages of Love from the Light “We love you” “Michael loves you” “Say that she loves me” Me: “Thank you my dear brothers, I love you” Team to Team Talk Today, more than usual, they were talking to each other about technical matters. As an aside, the EVP that I publish here are responses that I can hear – there’s always something said before that is too distorted toRead More →