• Audio visualisation of EVP on computer
  • visual itc image of spirit child

Afterlife Communication

A warm welcome to Calling Home. As you are here you are probably searching for answers, about life, about death, about communication with those souls who have gone home before us.

Recent polls have shown that approximately 80% of Americans and 55% of Brits believe in the afterlife. Here I hope we show you that communicating across dimensions is possible. Use headphones if possible, though I have tried to post EVP that is audible through regular speakers.

I am delighted to present our work – which in total amounts to 4100+ files, 12000+ EVP, a small representative selection are posted here.

Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC)

We use a method called Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) . Breaking this down, instrumental refers to the method of gathering EVP or pictures. Trans – cross, in this case cross dimensions. Communication – self explanatory.

ITC is used not only to gather EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), but images, and video. Please refer to the ‘Brief history of ITC‘ research’ link for my esteemed colleagues’ work.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Humans have been hearing and collecting EVP for many many years. With the arrival of radio, recording equipment, television, communication from unseen dimensions has been rife. Those in other dimensions are longing to comfort us, left here on earth. Make no mistake, they want to be heard.

“We want to talk”


On earth, in our culture, despite there being so much evidence to the contrary, we are still left with our grief. We have (and have had) eminent scientists, authors and doctors, working tirelessly to present that evidence not only to the public but to the scientific community. They have typically been met with disdain. That’s not science, it’s dogma.