Month: March 2016

Mostly a regular day today with communication responses and other responses that are too difficult to hear so won’t be placed here. An assortment of “Nic” and “Nicki”. Not a response to the question of course. This is the first recording so perhaps they’re acknowledging my ‘presence’. Republished 14th May 2017Read More →

The recordings today consisted mostly of repetitions. Here are some that are not.. “Nicely done Nicola”. This sounds like a dog barking to me. Buster was a much loved dog who died a couple of years ago. “Cannot sample – we tried”. I don’t know if you’ll hear this but I’ve included it as I think it’s an important indication of how the communication is taking place. From this I infer that my spoken words are used to form their words. Obviously this is only my interpretation and could be quite wrong. Republished 14th May 2017  Read More →

  Something clattered outside of the room, causing me to feel a flash of irritation. I must have communicated this because a second or too later this was said: “Lighten up Nicola”. (This is also said quietly before) Asking who was there, I was told: “This is John”. “Nicki… Nicki”. “Nice cap”. I later found out that my husband had been wearing a baseball cap all day. This made me wonder whether they had taken a peek. Either into our minds, or into our physical home. I don’t believe they are usually here when we are communicating – I don’t get that impression at all. But myRead More →