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Ugh. I was just updating this page and managed to delete the entire entry.. so here I am rewriting it. It’s tough to get audible responses to anything other than our stock communication questions, but I thought I would give it a go and asked about guardian angels. “Oh yes”. I was talking to the team about using a video feedback loop to try to receive videos or images from their side. Here’s my lead communicator sounding like a patient uncle as I prattle on about my cables and the camcorder. “Yes”. 😀 I asked whether the team I communicate with verbally will also be the visualRead More →

We were talking about how to improve the communication today. I spoke about using speakers, using white noise and adding an additional sound file to the original sound file. “Try to be quiet”. “Nothing”. This was said at least three times, but only the last was amplified. I plugged a speaker in (this was commented on ‘It’s a Beats!’ (barely discernible and not worth posting here)) and succeeded in partially deafening myself and shouting at them. I won’t do that again.Read More →