Month: April 2016

So I was sat in bed at around 1am and suddenly felt the urge to do some recording. As is usual for early morning sessions I had a lot of responses. I started off by saying I hoped they didn’t mind, but I felt the urge to come back. I was surprised by their response. They said that they already knew and I also heard ‘we needed you back’. Yesterday I talked to them until I felt myself wilting and left. I guess I was still needed! I only managed a couple of hours with them this morning before I felt the sudden urge to leave.Read More →

Covered in our conversations today was the progress they were making with our children. Even before I spoke I got this EVP … “We’ve got our children now”. I asked how the children were going to communicate – I pointed out that last time we had children with us they had to use an adult’s voice to communicate. I don’t think there’s anything weird or spooky about this – I think they have a library of words that are audible to our ears, which so happen to be spoken in an adult’s voice. However I know that children speak to their parents using Sonia Rinaldi’s Brazilian stationRead More →

Another long day of recording. The signal started out pretty poor with hardly a response to be heard, however I plugged on and we pushed through it, eventually being able to exchange a few words here and there. The big news today was Buster was back (and alone) and seemed to take over the whole show! Here’s a few human responses first.. “Montague”. “Happy”. Woof! Spirit Animal Communication! There were another three recordings of Buster ‘talking’, but these were mixed in with some personal stuff so I haven’t published them. Buster barked over me saying ‘He used to avoid me pretty much’. It’s an inescapable fact thatRead More →

I attempted to connect with the team this afternoon, but couldn’t hear much. This evening’s attempts went a little better. I intended to leave it after just three recording sessions, but they wanted me to continue, and sure enough the connection improved. Our conversation tonight centred upon personal matters, so there’s not much to put up here. This made me laugh.. “HANKY!!”… “happy”. “London”. Uncharacteristically leaving it to the last second! “Monty”.Read More →