Month: September 2016

“I love you lots“. Remember you are loved and missed more than you know. Keep smiling and chugging through this thing we erroneously call life. Everything is going to be OK. Lots of love, Nicola xx “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” ― Julian of NorwichRead More →

I only managed an hour before exhaustion set in. Now I have finished and I’m setting my results out for you, I feel fine. I think that communication takes a physical toll on the body.  I remember at the beginning, I would feel drained, even to the point I would have to finish early and sleep. I don’t mind at all – I thought it was an interesting fact to note. Here are some EVP recordings from tonight’s chat. “Please repeat after me, goldfish” “I love you” “Please repeat after me, happy” “Happy” “Umm, I’ll speak to you in five or ten minutes, ok?” “Perfect” “I’veRead More →

I’ll get to the stunning 1000th entry in a moment. Here are some EVP from the past few days. “We’ve missed him here“. This was said out of context. So on the next recording I asked this… “I’d love to know who that is you’re talking about, please?” “Monty” In the same ten second pause, he then says “You’ve asked me back.” “I love you” And now. For posterity. On my 1000th Recording. “Hiya” Well that was a bit of a letdown, and not even from the team. In fact it wasn’t followed up by anything else so I couldn’t tell you who it was from. OhRead More →

No, the blog post title isn’t a declaration of just how great they are, there on the other side, they were commenting on the clarity of the signal, their side. Here’s a few clips from tonight. “Fantastic” “Is the signal getting through? If so, please say signal” “Have to sleep (physics)” “Are you having trouble getting through? If so, please say trouble” “We are perfect“Read More →

Here are a few clips from the weekend. “Please repeat after me, London” “It’s London, Nicki” “Are you having trouble getting through? If so please say trouble.” “Yes” “Hi back Monty” “I love you….hi” “Please repeat after me, happy” “Ha ha ha!” “Is the signal getting through? If so please say signal” “Signal, signal, signal“Read More →