Month: April 2017

We were discussing the people that sometimes meddle with our recordings, adding their interjections, names and sometimes rude comments. I wanted to know more about them and whether we could help them. The implications are profound for all of us. “Monty said ‘not in heaven’ – who were you referring to please Monty?” “(I love Nicki a lot)… The others” “Is there anything we can do to help them please?” (referring to ‘the others’) “They’re comfy, so that’s the (their?) light Nicki” “Which does mean that we cannot help them, because they do not want our help, because they are in ‘their’ light – isRead More →

When I record, I use a gibberish sound file. This consists of phonemes (approximately 44 in the English language), that is chopped up speech representing every part of our language without actually making sense.  Over the last year I have used half a dozen files. The files are abandoned by me once they are corrupted by previous recording sessions burning answers onto the file (I don’t know the cause for this). I most recently attempted to use a female Portuguese file, and though the team made it through eventually (all male) the sound was disagreeable so I returned to my male gibberish and will continueRead More →

Here’s a collection of our communication from the first part of this year. The oldest first. “You’ll get focus” I was talking about not being able to concentrate and this was the response. “It’s strange, my recording volume seems to have gone down and I don’t remember doing that, so you might have done it” “We have done it” “Are you available to communicate, if so please say ‘I’m here’” “Here” “Are you available to communicate, if so please say ‘I’m here’” “Here – glad you’ve come” “Please repeat after me – happy” “Seem happy” “Please repeat after me – London” “London” “Ok, team, uhhhhhh…”Read More →

I asked my friend Mark Macy to start a debate about whether it’s good for us to know, on a global scale, what some ITC practitioners have known for years – that we have a soul and the soul continues after bodily death. He gets far more visitors to his blog than I do here, so here is the link Here is my first post – please participate: Thanks for starting this off Mark. I expect this could open a can of worms. Obviously it isn’t a terrible idea, because the ITC is being allowed. However, the things I have read and the observations IRead More →

I have very half-heartedly tried direct radio voice (DRV) in the past. I have a CD player with a radio that I’ve left on white noise for a while. However after x number of minutes the device would intelligently decide it has been left on by accident and snap off. I bought some old radios on eBay but couldn’t get them working. So after watching a few YouTube videos I was inspired to write to my colleague Lance from EVP Contact (see links on right) and ask his advice about which radio. A few hours (minutes) later and I have a Degen 1103 winging itsRead More →