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Sonia Rinaldi is a respected name in the area of instrumental transcommunication. I found her site again tonight while flipping through YouTube. Her audio captures are incredible. Not so much electronic voice phenomenon as a telephone direct to the afterlife. But what caught my attention tonight is her captures of visual ITC. Very clear images (considering how ‘far’ they have to come), of spirits. Most of them unclaimed, though I think it is likely that because Sonia Rinaldi is Brazilian (I think) then she will attract Brazilian spirits. It’s worth taking a look. Just look at what we can produce with a clean connection betweenRead More →

SPOILER ALERT I had waited two months for the Netflix movie ‘The Discovery’ to be aired. It was released on Friday and it is dire. If you are hoping to find a film with beautiful cinematography with richly imagined afterlife landscapes, forget it. If you’re hoping for some eloquently laid out theories about what happens to us when we die, you can forget that too. The best they can come up with is that the afterlife is just a second chance at this existence, putting right mistakes made and repeating the life until it’s perfect. How like humans to think it’s all about them andRead More →

I was just watching an old Unsolved Mysteries about the Roswell ‘Incident’. Lots of camera shots of the sky. We can (and we have) developed telescopes that can see light years away. As far as seeking other life, it’s been a waste of time and money and like expecting to see our dead relatives sitting on a cloud drifting past our window. I think we have seen the majority of what we can expect to see with magnifying instruments. If only more (any) time were spent developing instruments to study different dimensions. Instead of looking straight ahead for an unfeasibly long distance, we looked justRead More →