Month: June 2017

I have recently moved from my home – and to compound matters I have also changed our sound file due to embedded EVP becoming a nuisance. It will take some time to ‘bed in’ the new sound file, so the EVP will be of inferior quality to normal. If you are new to this blog, please check the archives for older, but clearer EVP. Hopefully the EVP will become clearer over a relatively short time period. These are EVP from a mammoth seven hour recording session, during which time we had a technical team trying to work as fast as they could to get theRead More →

“Take the love” “They all see the light” “Hello.. hello” “Her heart beat’s…” I think this was a partial sentence. They use my heart rate to synchronise for communication I think. There are references to how many beats per minute throughout recordings. This may also have something to do with the heart chakra which responds to relationships, love, warmth and generosity. See Chakra Anatomy.        Read More →

The following are some EVP from an ITC session on Father’s Day in the UK – Saturday 17th June. There are some names here, including a little boy (aged seven) with the name Dylan. “Neville” “Parkinson” The four EVP below all relate to the same little boy – “Yes, but I want to come :(“ A child’s vocabulary delivered in an adult’s voice. I asked about this on the next recording. “Team, do you have a child with you? The vocabulary from one of the EVP sounded very much like this ‘yes, but I want to come’” “He’s now seven Nicki” “They sent me Dylan withRead More →

Although the blog hasn’t grown much, I’ve been through the communications from May, June, July and August of last year. There was little that was safe to publish as we had a blip in our connection and I just received EVP from non-team-members for a time. But tonight I’ve spent some time on some more recent EVP and uploaded communication from my holiday in Cuba. I squished it all onto one post – here it is – Away in Cuba EVP in a foreign landRead More →